Alaska Air Tours

Alaska is a beautiful state with lots of things to do and to see. Alaska draws thousands of tourist every single year and while most travel up to Denali National Park, many will never see the mountain or the beauty that surrounds it. The only way to really experience Alaska is to fly to the mountain and to land on one of its many glaciers.

Mt. McKinley is the tallest mountain within the USA, with an elevation of 20,237 feet.

Many of our clients choose us to fly to Mt. McKinley and choose to land on one of the glaciers. This experience allows them to not only see the mountain up close but to also walk on it, an exerpience that many people will never get.

Alaska Air Tours also offers chartered flights to and from camp grounds, hunting trips or to cabins that are off the beaten path. Alaska offer many outdoor activities and for those who are looking to get an experience of a lifetime, they choose to get off the well traveled roads to be dropped off at one of our many landing zones throughout the state. Ask about our chartered flights to see where we land. These landing zones tend to stay the same, but can change without notice due to weather, changing landscapes or any other issues that we do not control.